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Olga Tanskaia
Sales Director

Gregory Rodionov
Sales Executive

Michael Kopov
Online Store Manager

About us

A leading expert in the field of single crystal growth, RG Crystals is reputably known for being one of the world's largest suppliers of raw created stones in the jewelry business. For over 20 years, our company’s technology team has strived to successfully enhance and supplement well-known methods of growth and recrystallization for both synthetic and recreated crystals.

Recognizing the innovative minds and distinguished purposes of our experienced team, our company offers an extensive collection of products, including more than 20 types of crystals and synthetic materials. Crystals for the mass market such as cubic zirconia, quartz, corundum and stones that have undergone a complex process and are identical to the ones found in nature, such as the Colombian emeralds, alexandrite and garnet. It is our constant endeavor to further and improve the research and development of our featured products, existing and new, to satisfy the market's current and future needs.

We have earned high praise from our clientele over the years, and we intend to get better with each passing day. It is the commitment to excel that has benefitted us all at RG Crystals. Our aim is to provide our customers with an exquisite range of synthetic stones that are rare, authentic and of impeccable quality. We are known for our unrivaled selection of products and value of quality. Ensuring  assistance to all our former, present and to be customers on all orders.

To bring unfeasible ideas to life in the form of gems that inspire, empower and motivate every passionate jeweler.